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Build the skills of your dreams with Us!

Learn a new in demand digital marketing skill the easy way.

Imagine if you had a career and job search coach that had
working knowlege of the employment and up-skill system at your finger tips?

That's American Learning Systems.

Transition into Social Media Marketing, SEO, Analytics,
Paid Ads, Influencer Marketing or Graphic Design to find the next gig or job you will LOVE.

We coach novice & intermediate students in all facets of creative digital marketing and Wordpress design and make it way easyer and faster to learn and skill up to find your next gig.

Our services are highly effective at getting you trained and off to a new digital
career as an emploee or freelancer and creating a dream work life balance while working remotly...

Want to start your own company? We offer business startup consulting too!

Our coaching, pricing and support gives you the edge to succeede.

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American Learning Systems

We Help America Meet the Upskilling Challenge

Over the next 10 years 60% of the labor force will need to learn new employable skills to remain in the work force.

People need to develop their potential to have employability skills.

We are here for you to accomplish that virtually from your home smartly, effeciently and affordably.

American Learning Systems


We allow our clients to use as much or as little of our services as they need.

We help you determine what area of digital marketing you wish to learn and support you until you find your new job.

Most learning centers just want your money. They sell you classes that just don't cut it in the real world.

You will receive a general skill assessment, career consultation and guidance to developing an employable skill set for the future at a fraction of the cost and without over paying at a typical education facility saving time and money. We will also help you find your next job.